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  Media Strategy
The second stage of Primer's consultation applies Primer's understanding of the existing opinion climate to develop a communication campaign for its client. In consultation with Primer's clients, Primer analysts establish a communication plan to be applied to informing public debate on the client's behalf. It is Primer's task to reshape public debate.

» Targeting Opinion Groups
» Lowering Costs and Increasing Message Value
» Targeting Messages

PRiMeR's task is to increase awareness of the client's issue and target messages to inform debate in the most positive way. PRiMeR selects appropriate media for channeling the client's message through the use of its opinion model.

Given the editorial stance and information content of the selected publications or news programs, PRiMeR analysts work with the client's public relations personell to tailor the message to be delivered. Interviews, press conferences, and background briefings are then organized between PRiMeR's clients and the press in order to influence the climate of opinion surrounding the issue.

» Conferences
» Advertising Plan


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