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  Media Strategy
The second stage of Primer's consultation applies Primer's understanding of the existing opinion climate to develop a communication campaign for its client. In consultation with Primer's clients, Primer analysts establish a communication plan to be applied to informing public debate on the client's behalf. It is Primer's task to reshape public debate.

» Targeting Opinion Groups

Public information campaigns are tailored to the intended audience and the needs of the client. Employing PRiMeR's opinion map, PRiMeR targets opinion groups with those messages which are most likely to succeed in informing public debate. PRiMeR refines the messages for the targeted opinion groups through the use of focus group discussions. Focus group participants are recruited to represent specific opinion groups. Messages for these groups are then tested to ensure that they are:

  1. appropriate, produce the intended result, and
  2. use those arguments and that language determined to be most influential. Targeted communication on the client's issue is fostered through:
  3. news articles
  4. editorial comment
  5. press conferences and press releases
  6. conferences with participants selected from business, politics, and academia
  7. newspaper, radio, and television advertising


» Lowering Costs and Increasing Message Value
» Targeting Messages
» Conferences
» Advertising Plan


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